What are the best bird of prey conservation workshops in the Highlands?

The wildlife in the Scottish Highlands is vast and varied, from red deer roaming the moors, to otters playing in the streams. But what you might not expect to find are some of the most impressive birds of prey in the world. Among the forests and mountains of this wild landscape, a multitude of species can be found, including majestic hawks, elusive owls, and fearsome eagles. Thanks to the dedicated work of bird conservation trusts, these birds continue to thrive in the Highlands. These organisations not only focus on the preservation of these species but also educate and raise awareness through conservation workshops.

Today, we will focus on the best bird of prey conservation workshops in the Highlands. We will delve into the various programs they offer, and how you can participate and contribute to this crucial conservation work.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust: Hawk Conservation Program

The Scottish Wildlife Trust is renowned for its dedication to preserving Scotland's natural wildlife. Among its many initiatives, the Hawk Conservation Program stands out. This program is chiefly devoted to the protection and study of the red kite, a stunning bird of prey that once faced extinction in the UK.

In their workshops, you will learn about the various threats facing these birds and what conservationists are doing to combat them. From first-hand accounts of fieldwork to demonstrations on tracking and identifying these birds, this workshop is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in birds of prey.

The National Trust for Scotland: Fish Owl Adoption Program

The National Trust for Scotland is another key player in the field of wildlife conservation. One of their standout initiatives is the Fish Owl Adoption Program. The fish owl is a unique species of owl that feeds primarily on fish, making it a fascinating subject for conservation work.

In their workshops, you will learn about the habitat, diet, and behaviours of the fish owl, as well as the specific conservation challenges this bird faces. By adopting a fish owl through this program, you're directly supporting crucial conservation work. The adoption pack includes an adoption certificate, a fact file about the species, and regular updates about the owl you've adopted.

The Highland Wildlife Trust: Prey Species Monitoring Program

The Highland Wildlife Trust offers a different approach to bird of prey conservation. Their Prey Species Monitoring Program focuses on the prey species these birds rely on for survival. By understanding and protecting the ecosystem as a whole, they ensure the survival of birds of prey in the long term.

In their workshops, you'll learn how to identify and monitor key prey species, such as small mammals and birds. This is a vital skill for anyone interested in conservation, providing a broader understanding of how different species are interconnected.

The Scottish Raptor Trust: Birds of Prey Identification Program

The Scottish Raptor Trust is a specialist organisation dedicated to raptor conservation. Their Birds of Prey Identification Program is a real treat for bird enthusiasts. It provides comprehensive knowledge about a range of raptor species, including hawks, eagles, and owls.

During their workshops, you'll learn how to identify different raptor species based on their size, shape, flight patterns, and calls. You'll also learn about the specific challenges each species faces and the conservation efforts underway to protect them.

The Highland Bird Trust: Bird of Prey Photography Workshop

For those of you with a creative streak, the Highland Bird Trust offers a unique opportunity. Their Bird of Prey Photography Workshop allows you to learn about these magnificent birds while also honing your photography skills.

This workshop combines wildlife photography lessons with expert talks about bird of prey conservation. You'll have the chance to photograph these birds in their natural habitat, under the guidance of professional wildlife photographers. Not only will you learn how to capture stunning photographs, but you'll also gain a deeper understanding of why it's so important to protect these creatures.

Each of these workshops offers a unique perspective on bird of prey conservation and provides a rewarding way to contribute to this vital work. Whether you're a budding ornithologist, a wildlife photographer, or simply an animal lover, there's a workshop in the Scottish Highlands that will captivate your interest and ignite your passion for conservation.

The Scottish Falconry School: Birds of Prey Rehabilitation and Conservation

The Scottish Falconry School is famous for its engaging bird of prey workshops. The school is located in the picturesque Scottish Highlands, and it has a specific workshop that focuses on the rehabilitation and conservation of birds of prey which include falcons, hawks, eagles, and owls.

In the workshop, you'll discover the vital roles these birds play in our ecosystem, the threats they face, and the conservation actions needed to preserve them. Under the guided supervision of experienced falconers, you will also learn the basics of falconry and care for these majestic creatures.

The school provides work experience opportunities for individuals interested in a career in wildlife conservation. By participating, you'll get to work closely with the bird team, gaining hands-on experience in the care, training, and rehabilitation of these magnificent birds.

The school also offers a unique prey hospital program, where injured or sick birds are rehabilitated back to health. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in veterinary services or wildlife rescue. Adopt an owl or bird of prey through the school’s “Adopt a Bird” program, which is a direct way of supporting the birds and the ongoing conservation efforts.

Hawk Ridge Bird of Prey Centre: Bird of Prey Experiences and Courses

The Hawk Ridge Bird of Prey Centre stands as one of the best places to learn about birds of prey in the Scottish Highlands. At Hawk Ridge, they offer a variety of unique experiences and courses that deeply immerse you in the world of raptors.

They offer a bird of prey experience where participants get a chance to handle and fly a variety of raptors under the guidance of experienced handlers. There's also an adoption scheme where you can adopt a bird of prey. You will receive an adoption pack that includes a certificate, a photograph of your adopted bird, and regular updates on its progress.

They also hold a yearly photographic competition where participants can submit their best bird of prey photographs taken at the centre. This competition is a fantastic opportunity for wildlife photographers to showcase their skills while contributing to the awareness and conservation of these species.

School visits are organised by the centre where students can learn about the birds in an interactive, educational environment. Membership renewals are encouraged to help support the ongoing conservation and rehabilitation work at the centre.


Bird of prey conservation in the Scottish Highlands is a crucial endeavour, and numerous organizations are dedicated to this cause. From the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Hawk Conservation Program to the National Trust for Scotland’s Fish Owl Adoption Program, each organisation offers unique workshops that equip participants with knowledge, experience, and the opportunity to contribute to conservation efforts.

The Scottish Falconry School and Hawk Ridge Bird of Prey Centre add to the diverse offering of workshops, providing unique experiences like bird handling, falconry basics, photographic competitions, and school visits. These workshops don’t only serve to educate, but they also offer exciting hands-on experiences that ignite a passion for conservation.

Whether it’s adopting an owl or entering a photographic competition, there are many ways to contribute to the preservation of these majestic creatures. Remember, the survival of these birds of prey is a testament to the health of our ecosystems. Your participation in these workshops not only benefits the birds but also contributes to the overall well-being of our natural world. So why wait? Choose a workshop today, and start your journey in bird of prey conservation.

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